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echo for schools

Leave a new message for parents and staff when, for example:

  • the school is closed due to bad weather or the heating has broken down (and let them know when you are open again!)
  • a school trip is running late because the coach is caught up in traffic
  • the new term is about to start
  • sports day IS going ahead, despite the threatening rain clouds

Keep your parents and staff well-informed by leaving them a message that they can access whenever they want to, without tying up your valuable time and resources.

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echo for clubs

Leave a message for your members when, for example:

  • the match is cancelled because the pitch is frozen
  • the meeting you'd planned has had to be re-arranged
  • you want to announce your team selection and travelling arrangements without having to make dozens of repetitive calls
  • you want to advertise your next fixture

echo is ideal for club secretaries and team managers - free up your home phone and mobile, and let your members/players/supporters call echo for information when they need to.

And because each club is given a unique number that stays with them for life, if you move or someone else takes on your role, your members don't need to call a different number.

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echo for businesses

Leave a message for your staff or customers when, for example:

  • overtime is available for your staff on certain shifts
  • a new product is due to launch - let your customers know
  • adverse weather conditions - keep staff and customers informed

echo can help businesses of all sizes, even those who already have their own voicemail systems.

echo is hosted on the telephone network, so you won't jam up your lines and tie up your resources when staff or customers call your number.


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