telephone messaging made simple
for schools, clubs and businesses

what is echo?

echo is a simple and effective means of leaving a message for your parents, members, supporters or staff to listen to whenever it suits them best.

You can leave a single message of up to 3 minutes and update it as often as you like.

How does it work?

We give you a unique telephone number for your school, club or business that you publish to your callers, so that they can ring in and listen to your message.

You can dial in to the service at any time (using a unique ID and PIN number that we provide to you) and update the message as often as you like.

How much does it cost?

Subscription to echo is just £29.99 plus VAT for a whole year.

The only additional cost is the price of a telephone call to dial in to the service and update your message (we use an 0870 number for this purpose and these are often included in certain inclusive call packages).

Your callers pay just 7p per minute, plus their phone company's access charge to listen to the message that you have left. We use 0844 numbers for this purpose.

why is echo different from other messaging services?

Numeric Futures hosts echo on their ECT intelligent network. It is designed to allow multiple callers to ring at any one time and be able to listen to the same message.

It is ideal for spreading the word quickly and effectively in response to an unexpected incident or a planned event.

Because the service sits on the telephone network it means:

  • you don't need to invest in any premises-based equipment
  • you don't tie up any of your own telephone lines
  • you don't have to maintain any lists of home phone numbers, mobile numbers or e-mail addresses - with echo, people call you, instead of you calling them
  • you can free up your resources by cutting out the need to answer repetitive yet essential questions

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